2015 Texas Legislative Summary for nonprofits – “60th day” report

With more than 6,000 bills filed by Texas legislators by the filing deadline, any observer attempting a snapshot of the issues ahead in the coming weeks will need a wide-angle lens. There is a lot to read and understand, no matter what your area of interest.

Nonprofit organizations, state associations and foundations are affected by dozens of proposed bills, directly or indirectly. The March 13, 2015 SUMMARY OF ISSUES AFFECTING NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS is available here and will be updated regularly through the June adjournment of the 84th regular session and after. Share it with your colleagues and friends and subscribe to receive updates by clicking the Subscribe box on this page. [Read more…]

Monitoring bills in the 2015 Texas Legislature made easy

A useful and amazingly nimble website maintained by the State of Texas empowers anyone to monitor proposed bills pending in the Texas Legislature.

Texas Legislature Online, www.capitol.state.tx.us, is available to all without charge and is as comprehensive and dependable as expensive online services used by lobbyists, law firms, activists, reporters and state associations. With a little practice, you can become your own legislative analyst, keep your organization up to date with developments in Austin during the session, and impress your friends and associates with your current and deep knowledge of legislative matters. [Read more…]

“Dark Money” Legislation in Texas

Senate Bill 346 passes, vetoed by Governor Perry

Washington IRS controversies regarding Section 501(c)(4) nonprofits parallel attention to the SB 346 debates in the 2013 Texas Legislature

The dramatic and troubling revelations exposing misconduct by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in considering applicants for Section 501(c)(4) tax exemption warrant a closer look at SB 346, vetoed by the Governor amidst debate and criticism surrounding this issue. [Read more…]